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Interesting: Look what I found! 5 very valuable treasures that were found among trash

My fave is the first one, the painting.

posted at 2:20 pm
on Jan. 31, 2010


The tragedy of the iPad is kids won’t be able to tinker with it: it’s a computer you can’t program

How many of you started as programmers because you could fool around with writing programs for your own computer? Now: how many apps does the iPhone or iPad ship with that let you write programs for it?

posted at 11:53 pm
on Jan. 29, 2010


The 20 Greatest Extended Takes In Movie History, with video clips

I've seen 7 of them.

posted at 10:51 am
on Jan. 27, 2010


10 Unbelievable Inheritance Stories, including Charles Vance Millar

He left hundreds of thousands of dollars to the woman in Canada who would had the most children in 10 years after his death.

posted at 2:21 am
on Jan. 27, 2010


‘Get Some Balls’, Democrats—Balls Beer, that is.

Great little video ad.

posted at 2:06 am
on Jan. 23, 2010


Publishers Give Away E-Books on Kindle to Spur Sales of Other Author Works

It's a neat idea -- kind of like how you USED to be able to give a book to a FRIEND when you finished with it, and then that friend would buy MORE books by that author. What a CRAZY idea THAT was!!!

posted at 2:06 am
on Jan. 23, 2010


For health: Drink Dr Pepper Heritage 3 times a day at 10, 2 and 4

Cuts down on dental bills too, when your teeth are gone.

posted at 11:21 am
on Jan. 22, 2010


Lowlights of a Downer Year: Dave Barry on the money, madness and misery of 2009

I laughed until I cried.

posted at 1:59 am
on Jan. 22, 2010


An Ampersand A Day: Cool Calendar

& & & & & ...

posted at 3:50 pm
on Jan. 21, 2010


A List of Just About Every Edible Oil and How Healthy It Is

Some are so much better than others, but they all have a role to play.

posted at 10:10 am
on Jan. 21, 2010


Examples of how to use mud to make safe graffiti stencils

Cool art idea.

posted at 10:22 am
on Jan. 14, 2010


ze frank video: a brief history of the US involvement in the afghanistan war

Not funny. Not funny at all, but very succinct.

posted at 12:38 pm
on Jan. 13, 2010


I’ve listened to 50,000 songs since 2003. That’s 140 full days of music, or 22 songs a day.

Top five: Paul Simon, The Beatles, Sting, Barenaked Ladies and R.E.M. -- mostly because of Nightswimming, which I listen to on repeat.

posted at 10:37 am
on Jan. 13, 2010


Get Robin Rauzi to help you with editor-type stuff

Because she will EDIT you like you've NEVER BEEN EDITED BEFORE!

posted at 12:29 am
on Jan. 13, 2010


A “Complete” List of All Olympic Driven Construction/Infrastructure Accomplishments

You may agree or disagree; it's a forum.

posted at 4:41 pm
on Jan. 8, 2010


Presenting, for your 3 p.m. Friday amusement: Happy Japanese Dancing Man! ^_^

I was very amused, briefly weirded out, and then very amused again.

posted at 3:00 pm
on Jan. 8, 2010


In couple-speak, is the word ‘we’ romantic or commanding?

Example: "We should really remember to call the restaurant tomorrow."

posted at 10:20 am
on Jan. 7, 2010


When Treating Sports Injuries, Does Physical Therapy Help?

Journalism trick: When a headline asks a question, the answer is usually no.

posted at 2:05 am
on Jan. 7, 2010


Movable Type version 5 has been released (crickets chirp)

Interesting comment quote: "Just wanted to note that a majority of the engineering efforts are now headed up by the MT engineering team in the Six Apart Tokyo office. The designers, engineers, and QA team in Tokyo are top notch and very motivated to improve MT on a regular basis."

posted at 12:28 am
on Jan. 6, 2010


hilarious Date Wars: if coffee dates were like Mor(t)al Kombat (2 min video)

Nicely done. Relationship vs. meaningless sex.

posted at 9:13 pm
on Jan. 4, 2010


The 110 essential candies every candy lover should try at least once

From Candy Blog, one of my clients.

posted at 6:24 pm
on Jan. 4, 2010


Don’t drink from your garden hose, says Dirt Du Jour

Instead, use it to spray someone walking by.

posted at 10:55 am
on Jan. 4, 2010


Portrait of Japan’s economic hardship: Living in a tube hotel in Tokyo

Great story: from the small details of what it's like for one person affected, to a picture of the economy as a whole; one of the better news stories I've read recently.

posted at 4:10 pm
on Jan. 3, 2010


Don’t fear the fold—people do scroll

Good knowledge for Web designers.

posted at 4:07 pm
on Jan. 3, 2010


MSBNC names the top 9 Net memes of 2009

What, they couldn't think of 10? Oh wait. 2009 -- 9 -- I get it!

posted at 10:22 pm
on Jan. 1, 2010



“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”

...who said it?

“Almost every American I know does trade large portions of his life for entertainment, hour by weeknight hour, binge by Saturday binge, Facebook check by Facebook check. I’m one of them. In the course of writing this I’ve watched all 13 episodes of House of Cards and who knows how many more West Wing episodes, and I’ve spent any number of blurred hours falling down internet rabbit holes. All instead of reading, or writing, or working, or spending real time with people I love.”

...who said it?

“Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

...who said it?

“I play with variables constantly.”

...who said it?

“Only the person who has learned Continual Love coming from a heart of Gratitude/Worship can effectively deal with the problem of loneliness.”

...who said it?

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