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BC Dairy Association

Launched on June 12, 2015 /

The BC Dairy Association is a not-for-profit society, funded by the dairy producers of BC. They are champions, stewards, and advocates for the people of British Columbia’s dairy industry. Through outreach and education, the BCDA is responsible for the future of the BC dairy industry.

Hop Studios manages BC Dairy’s Web site development, maintenance and updating. We get to work on all kinds of really fun things, such as:

And here are some of the technical highlights for the work we do with BC Dairy:

  • Conversion of a Flash-based calculator to HTML 5
  • Responsive coding for mobile and tablet
  • Multi-language content support
  • Integrating Youtube videos into ExpressionEngine, iContact, and Mailchimp
  • Automated Analytics dashboard and reports
  • Cross-site content submissions into a single database
  • Page optimization leading to a 72% speed increase in page load time
  • Ongoing search engine optimization
    Web Design and ExpressionEngine Development Consulting - Vancouver (BC) Canada