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Film Radar

Launched on March 1, 2008 /

Film Radar is an L.A.-based film site owned and operated by Karie Bible. Its stated goal is to “bring the virtually endless world of specialty film-going in Los Angeles right to your fingertips.” And it does, with independent film listings, reviews, and colorful histories. Karie, one of our earliest clients, recently came back to Hop Studios with big ideas on how to expand and improve her site.

We did a complete site redesign, adding custom buttons, terrific icons, and clear layouts. Karie was already running our CMS of choice, ExpressionEngine, but we added forums, separate sections for articles, reviews and interviews, and three blogs with an eye for additional blogs as the site expands. A great deal of Film Radar’s content lives in an impressive calendar of hundreds of movie events, and our redesign polished the calendar’s look and functionality.

Users who are logged in will see the calendar’s events sprinkled throughout the site, inviting them to find the latest screenings—and they will get email reminders of the films they’ve picked to see. A mailing list, user database and an OpenAds-based ad serving system rounded out the development needs of the site. We topped it off with an automatically updating homepage, interactive drop down menus and a custom store.

Web Design and ExpressionEngine Development Consulting - Vancouver (BC) Canada