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Pass the Quilt

Launched on November 16, 2009 /

Pass the Quilt is the brainchild of Rex Jaime and Byron Mondala. Both are of Filipino decent and were interested in creating a web-based project to chronicle the lives of the Filipino people spread across the globe. The idea was to create a virtual space for the Filipino people to come together in an online community. Rex and Byron came to us with completed Photoshop designs and wanted Hop Studios to produce code and templates, as well as install and configure ExpressionEngine to run the site.

At site launch in November 2009, Pass the Quilt is in the first phase of the project. It is focused on providing a group story blog to allow members to contribute words, pictures and video, and to communicate with each other. The idea is to create a virtual “patchwork quilt” made up of stories in a blog format sharing the Filipino immigrant experience. Members can create their own account and have access to write their own blog entries or share multimedia content such as audio files, photos, or videos.

The site uses SolSpace’s User module to offer a more streamlined registration and profile system. It also does some fancy things with jQuery animations, and has a AJAX-based comment flagging system (Leevi Graham’s Quarantine) for scalability so that the community can moderate any potential spam.

It’s an ambitious project, one that Rex and Byron hope will become the go-to social network for the Filipino people and connect them with one another all over the world. We wish them all the best.

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