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Sam Harris is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. He writes about atheism, reason, politics, and religion.

Sam Harris had a Web site that was focused on a single book he’d written. Harris came to Hop Studios because he was getting ready to publish a new book, Letter to a Christian Nation, and he needed to redesign. He wanted a Web site that would meet two goals: to promote his current book, and to be neutral and flexible enough to support any future books or projects he might do.

We redesigned his Web site to make it more of a showcase for all his activities: events, books, blogging, articles, and more. The design we came up with accomplishes this, if we do say so ourselves. It serves as a graceful, pleasant backdrop to whatever he might come up with, and is crafted to be expandable in many ways.

Harris also wanted to be able to edit any part of his Web site without having to hunt through the administrative interface; we made sure that all the text of his site has one-click editing links visible only to administrators. (Of course, you won’t be able to see that particular feature.)

Finally, we did a general cleanup; updated software, unified the site’s styles, consolidated navigation and built a spiffy recommended books section.

The week we were set to launch, we also undertook an extra task: the quick and important migration from one mailing list solution to another. This wasn’t part of the initial project scope, but sometimes a client needs us to react quickly to solve a business problem, and we did.

Since then, we’ve added several other large projects.  We migrated his forums from PHPBB to ExpressionEngine.  And we set up a PayPal donation system, both one-time and subscription-based, to raise funds for a foundation he’s organizing.

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