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SSIR is a well-respected journal written for and by social change leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors. It’s full of amazing articles and run by some really sharp and passionate people.

This project involved:

  • Navigating a very tricky upgrade from EE 1.x to EE 2.x, including rewriting several critical add-ons in 2.x
  • Creating some great animations, like the home page slide show, the relate stories box and my personal favorite, the login link—you must click the login link
  • Replacing the popup subscribe ad with an in-page, fully functionality expanding subscription promotion
  • Completely overhauling the way the articles and images are entered so that production can happen far more quickly, more error-free, and with better tools to re-use the content in multiple formats
  • Creating cool new content types, like book reviews, point/counterpoint blog pages, and more—in addition to removing content types that didn’t make sense any more
  • Overhauling site search to be more powerful and better integrated with the site design
  • Integrating with social tools like Facebook and Twitter—and Google Plus, if that matters smile
  • Oh, and migrating from one server to a faster two-server setup for only a slight hosting cost increase, can’t forget that
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