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Would You Eat It?

Launched on December 8, 2008 /

Would You Eat It? was a project brought to us by four team members enrolled in the Master’s Program at the University of Southern California. The website was their final Master’s project, and is based upon the same concepts as but with a focus on food. They were interested in building a community site with food lovers participating around the world, sharing photos of meals or food items, and commenting about their best or worst dining experiences. Their goal was to come up with an easy-to-use site that was funny, had an appealing design, could easily accommodate growth, and would maintain the interest of its target market.

The site runs on ExpressionEngine with plenty of bells and whistle modules installed for favoriting photos, rating photos, and generating a tag cloud. There is a stand-alone image editor available if you need to do a little tweaking after upload. Users can also “Mobilize Your Eats” because the site is set up to receive photo posts via SMS. Design inspiration was taken from classic diners. The background of the site makes use of a popular pattern called “skylark” often used on formica countertops in diners of the 50’s and 60’s. The overall feel of the site is light, bright, and fun.

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