Feed URL

Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Installation

    1. Unzip the folder to a temporary location on your local hard drive.
    2. FTP the following files from their local folders to the same locations in your EE install’s /system folder on the server: /plugins/pi.feed_url.php
    3. Usage

      Put the feed_url tag where you want the feed URL to appear. The weblog parameter is required—it should be your channel’s short name.

      <a href="[exp:feed_url weblog='hopstudios_blog']" title="RSS">RSS</a>

      Note: In the code above, change [ ] to { } . For complex reasons relating to this plugin being EE1 only, the documentation can’t use curly braces where they should actually be.

    4. Updating

      Updating is easy:

      1. Download a new version from this website, and extract on your hard drive.
      2. Upload the new files to their appropriate locations.

    5. Uninstalling

      1. Remove the pi.feed_url.php file from your site’s “plugins” directory.
    6. Version History

      Initial release

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