Hop Introvert

Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Installation

    1. Unzip the folder to a temporary location on your local hard drive.
    2. FTP the files from their local folders to the same locations in your EE install’s /system/user/addons/ folder on the server.
    3. Navigate to Add-ons in your EE control panel and install the add-on. That’s it!

  • Usage

    Use it like any other field. This “field” doesn’t actually store data, but instead displays the current list of reverse-related entries from other relationship fields (see Supported Fields). The list of related entries has links directly to edit those entries, and can be sorted by:

    • Entry Title
    • Channel
    • Entry Date
    • Status

    If a child entry is ‘related’ in a parent entry,
    Screenshot showing an entry using the Relationships field with Entry 1 selected

    the parent entry will show up in the child entry’s Hop Introvert field.
    Screenshot showing an entry using the Hop Introvert field with Parent 1 indicated

    Field Options
    By default, we show all reverse related channel entries, you can restrict it specifying the channels you want to display in the field.

    Supported fields

    • Relationships
    • Relationships in Grid
    • Playa
    • Playa in Matrix
  • Notes

    • Make sure jQuery is loaded and running.
    • If you had previously installed the introvert fieldtype: remove the introvert directory and upload the hop_introvert directory. The install() function converts existing channel fields automatically.
    • In EE2, the sort columns might look a bit odd due to some CSS styling collisions. Maybe you should upgrade. 😉
  • Updating

    Updating is easy:

    1. Download a new version from this website, and extract on your hard drive.
    2. Upload the new files to their appropriate locations.

  • Uninstalling

    1. Navigate to the Add-Ons/Modules tab in your EE control panel and uninstall the module.
    2. Remove the add-on directory from your EE system folder on the server.

  • Version History

    Initial public release by Hop Studios. The add-on, originally by Iain Urquhart, used to be called simply Introvert. This is a drop-in direct replacement.
    Playa 4 Compatability (18th Feb 2011)
    Fixed a bug where duplicate rows could be returned (4th Nov 2010)
    Initial Release (3rd Nov 2010)

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